天猫weight的动词(weight high)

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1.__________(know) basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies.

2.Volunteering gives you a chance __________(change) lives, including your own.

3.The airport __________(complete) next year will help promote tourism in this area.

4.I stopped the car __________(take) a short break as I was feeling tired.

5. __________(stay) warm all night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it.

6.Helen had to shout __________(make) herself __________(hear) above the sound of the music.

7.My advisor encouraged me __________(take)a summer course to improve my writing skills.

8.The man insisted on __________(find) a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby.

9.The news reporters hurried to the airport, only __________(tell) the film stars had left.

10. Having been ill in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time __________(pass) the exam.

11.Many buildings in the city need repairing, but the one __________(repair) first is the library.

12. According to a recent U.S survey, children spend up to 25 hours a week __________(watch)TV.

13. The flu is believed __________(cause) by viruses that like to reproduces in the cells inside the human nose and throat.

14.Mrs. Smith warned her daughter__________(drive) after drinking.

15. George returned after the war, only__________(tell) that his wife had left him.

16. I remembered __________(lock) the door before I left the office, but forgot to turn off the lights.

17. The discovery of new evidence led to the thief__________(catch).

18.More attention should be paid to__________(prevent) our oceans from__________(pollute).

19. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains __________(see)whether they will enjoy it.

20.—How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers?

—The key to __________(solve) the problem is to meet the demand __________(make) by the customers.

21. Susan wanted to be independent of her parents. She tried __________(live) alone, but she didn’t like it and moved back home.

22. __________(expose) to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’s skin.

23. In some parts of London, missing a bus means __________(wait) for another hour.

24. With a lot of difficult problems__________(settle), the newly-elected president is having a hard time.

25.Once your business becomes international,__________(fly) constantly will be part of your life.

26. No matter how bright a talker you are, there are times when it’s better __________(remain)silent.

27. —Mum, why do you always make me eat an egg every day?

—__________(get) enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up.

28. Having finished her project, she was invited by the school __________(speak) to the new students.

29. I really appreciate __________(have) time to relax with you on this nice island.

30.Paul doesn’t have to be made__________(learn). He always works hard.

31. We agreed __________(meet) here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet.

32.Tom took a taxi to the airport, only__________(find) his plane high up in the sky.

33. —What do you think made Mary so upset?

—__________(lose) her new bicycle.

34. She looks forward every spring to__________(walk) in the flower-lined garden.

35. Go on __________(do) the other exercises after you have finished this one.

36. We’ve had a good start, but next, more work needs __________(do) to achieve the final success.

37. Today we have chat rooms, text messaging, emailing… but we seem __________(lose) the art of communicating face-to-face.

38.This machine is very easy__________(operate). Anybody can learn to use it in a few minutes.

39. If he takes on this work, he will have no choice but __________(meet) an even greater challenge.

40. China recently tightened its waters controls near the Huangyan Island to prevent Chinese fishing boats from __________(attack) in the South China Sea.

41. The difference in thickness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2 more comfortable__________(hold).

42. It is no use __________ (argue) with Bill because he will never change his mind.

43. __________(sleep) late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm.

44. One learns a language by making mistakes and __________(correct) them.

45.Sandy could do nothing but__________(admit) to his teacher that he was wrong.

46. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to __________(set) up some schools for poor children.

47. Tom asked the candy makers if they could make the chocolate easier __________(break)into small pieces.

48. If they win the final tonight, the team are going to tour around the city __________(cheer)by their enthusiastic supporters.

49.Tony was very unhappy for not__________(invite) to the party.

50. I would love __________(go) to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report.

51.It’s important for the figures__________(update) regularly.

52. I don’t want __________(sound) like I’m speaking ill of anybody, but the manager’s plan is unfair.

53. He got well-prepared for the job interview, for he couldn’t risk __________(lose) the good opportunity.

54.Passengers are permitted ________(carry)only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane.

55. __________(find) out more about university courses, call (920) 746-3789.

56. I send you 100 dollars today, the rest__________(follow) in a year.

57. He hurried to the station only__________(find) that the train had left.

58. I really can’t understand you__________(treat) her like that.

59.The parents suggested __________(sleep) in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the trip.

60. __________(improve) the employees’ working efficiency, the supervisor will allow them to have a coffee break.

61.Chinahas promised to revise its existing regulations and __________(form) new policies according to WTO requirements.

62. —The last one __________(arrive) pays the meal.


63. In many people’s opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant__________(deal)with.

64. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there __________(train) for a space flight.

65. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle __________(hear).

66. That is the only way we can imagine__________(reduce) the overuse of water in students’ bathrooms.

67. You can’t imagine what difficulty we had__________(walk) home in the snowstorm.

68. —Do you feel like __________(walk) there or shall we take a bus?

—I’d like __________(walk). But since there isn’t much time left, I’d rather you took a taxi.

69. I can’t stand __________(work) with Jane in the same office. She just refuses__________(stop) talking while she works.

70. Eugene’s never willing to alter any of his opinions. It’s no good __________(argue) with him.

71. Energy drinks are not allowed__________(make) in Australia but are brought in from New Zealand.

72. __________(make) this cake, you’ll need 2 eggs, 175 g sugar and 175g flour.

73. Isn’t it time you got down to__________(mark) the papers?

74. It remains __________(see) whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals.

75. After he became conscious, he remembered__________(attack) and hit on the head with a rod.

76. It took a long time for the connection between body temperature and illness__________(make).

77. I had great difficulty __________(find) the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant.

78. If you think that treating a woman well means always __________(get) her permission for things, think again.

79. As the twentieth century came to a close, the raw materials for a great national literature were at hand, waiting __________(use).

80. Mr. Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one__________(blame).

81. It is difficult to imagine his__________(accept) the decision without any consideration.

82. He hurried to the booking office only__________(tell) that all the tickets had been sold out.

83. I hear they’ve promoted Tom, but he didn’t mention __________(promote)when we talked on the phone.

84. We were astonished __________(find) the temple still in its original condition.

85. I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good __________(breathe).

86. —Did the book give the information you needed?

—Yes. But __________(find) it, I had to read the entire book.

87. I feel greatly honored __________(welcome)into their society.

88. The message is very important, so it is supposed __________(send) as soon as possible.

89. __________(complete) the project as planned, we’ll have to work two hours a day.

90. The children all turned __________(look) atthe famous actress as she entered the classroom.

91. Bill suggested __________(hold) a meeting on what to do for the Shanghai Expo during the vacation.

92. David threatened __________(report) his neighbour to the police if the damages were not paid.

93. __________(complete) the project in time, the staff were working at weekends.

94. With the world changing fast, we have something new __________(deal) with all by ourselves every day.

95. Nowadays people sometimes separate their waste to make it easier for it __________(reuse).

96. I still remember __________(take) to the Famen Temple and what I saw there.

97. We are invited to a party __________(hold) in our club next Friday.

98. Schools across China are expected to hire 50000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, __________(help) reduce unemployment pressures.

99. The play __________(produce) next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture.

100. __________(be) awinner, you need to give all you have and try your best.

101. His first book __________(publish) next month is based on a true story.

102. There were many talented actors out there just waiting __________(discover).

103.I have a lot of readings __________(complete) before the end of this term.

104. With Father’s Day around the corner I have taken some money out of the bank __________(buy) presents for my dad.

参考答案:1. Knowing

2. to change

3 . to be completed

4 . to take

5. To stay

6 .to make; heard

7. to take

8. finding

9 .to be told

10. passing

11. to be repaired

12 watching

13. to be caused

14 .not to drive

15. to be told

16. to lock

17. being caught

18. preventing; beingpolluted

19 .to be seen

20 .solving;made

21. living

22. Being exposed

23 .waiting

24. to settle

25. flying

26. to remain

27. To get

28 .to speak

29 .having

30. to learn

31 .to meet

32 .tofind

33. Losing

34 .walking

35. to do

36. doing/to be done

37 .to lose

38. to operate

39. to meet

40 .being attacked

41 .to hold

42. arguing

43 .To sleep

44 .correcting

45 .admit

46. setting

47 .tobreak

48. to be cheered

49 .being invited

50 .to have gone

51 .to be updated

52 .to sound

53 .losing

54. to carry

55.To find

56 .to follow

57 .to find

58. treating

59. sleeping

60. To improve

61 .to form

62 .toarrive

63 .to deal

64 .to be trained

65 .to be heard

66 .to reduce

67. walking

68 .walking; to walk

69 .working; to stop

70. arguing

71. to be made

72. To make

73 .marking

74. to be seen

75. being attacked

76 .to be made

77 .finding

78 .getting

79. to be used

80. to blame

81 .accepting

82 .to betold

83 .being promoted

84. to find

85. to breathe

86. to find

87 .tobe welcomed

88. to be sent

89 .To complete

90. to look

91 .holding

92 .toreport

93 .To complete

94. to deal

95. to be reused

96 .being taken

97 .to beheld

98. to help

99. to be produced

100 .To be

101. to be published

102 .to bediscovered

103 .to complete

104 .to buy